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10247 LEGO Ferris Wheel

The Lego Ferris Wheel was my first LEGO build that I had done and it was the one that got me addicted to LEGO. My only advice is to buy genuine LEGO and not the knock-offs that you see online. I know LEGO is a tad expensive, but the blocks are manufactured better and the instructions clearer to read. The Ferris Wheel was relatively an easy build and it took me about 4 days total to build. I think had this not been my first build that the build would had gone faster. I would recommend starting off with assembling a building to start off your LEGO experience rather than something with movable parts. As with all LEGO building kits all the parts (blocks) will be there in the box which is astonishing and the blocks come in bags that are numbered according to the steps in the instructions. This makes it easier for you, because you don't have to open all the bags and creating a sorting mess that would slow down the building process. My suggestion is to follow the instructions exactly and take your time, for the build will go easier.

The Ferris Wheel can be turned by hand or you can attach a motor (sold separately) to it. I found that the Ferris Wheel rotated to quickly, so I went online and found a YouTube video that showed how to slow it down. After I received the parts that I had ordered, making the modification was a piece a cake. I have to say that the Ferris Wheel was bigger than I thought it would be, so be sure you have space where you can display it once your are done with the build. The Ferris Wheel seems pretty solid, but care still needs to be taken when transporting from one location to another. I wish the base was one solid piece for I think it would make the whole structure more solid, but it's still pretty solid as is.


10256 LEGO Taj Mahal

My second LEGO build was the Taj Mahal and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful builds that I have done so far. The Taj Mahal consist of 5923 pieces which is a lot though a lot of the building is repetition. Though it should be obvious by the symmetry that the Taj Mahal has a lot of repetition in the building process, so if you are a person that doesn't like repetition then this build isn't for you. This took me a long time to build, for I could only work so much at one time. I glad it took me a long time for once the building is done there's a little bit of sadness for there's nothing else to do with that set. The Taj Mahal LEGO model takes up a lot of space and I have thought about selling it at times for it doesn't fit the overall theme of my lego city. However, the Taj Mahal is so beautiful that I always change my mind in the end. One of my items on my bucket list is to actually visited the actual Taj Mahal in India for if the model is this beautiful that the actual place is probably 10 times as beautiful.


21309 LEGO Saturn V Rocket

The LEGO Saturn V Rocket was probably the most enjoyable build that I have done so far. I really had a good time assembling the Saturn V Rocket because they put so much detail into it. The Saturn V is an Ideas Winner meaning that it's a non-LEGO employee designed which is pretty cool. I would have to say that the $119.99 price tage is one of the lowest priced builds that I have done and I would recommend that this be the first build that you do. The LEGO Saturn V is simply the most thought out design and detailed LEGO set has made so far. The LEGO Saturn V is tall and is pretty sturdy when all 3 stages are put together as one; however, I would recommend displaying it horizontal rather that vertical. When carried from one destination to another I recommend using two hands even though you can carry it with one hand. I've been tempted to buy another one just to put it together again, but there are so many other great LEGO sets that I rather spend my money on a different LEGO set.


10257 LEGO Carousel

This is one of my favorite Lego Sets to build and here is my take on the Carousel build and overall look of it. First the overall look of the carousel from my perspective. This compliments the Lego Ferris Wheel very nicely and using animals instead of traditional horse is a very brilliant move. The carousel is beautifully detailed with trim that it makes you wish you could shrink yourself to that size and ride it yourself. The instructions are nicely done and if you follow it step-by-step then you should end up with a solid Lego Carousel. I have read other reviews saying that they are afraid of picking up and carrying it because it breaks on them. I for one don't find that the case and I would guess if it's falling apart easily either you don't have something right or something is not clicked down. Here are my few negatives on the carousel. The first one is the stickers, for I personally can't stand putting stickers on parts. However, I have become better at applying them and I understand it would drive up the cost of the Lego products if everything was printed. The second one is the small holes that randomly shows up on the decorative trim . It would had been nice if all of them were solid, but it's not a deal breaker for it really isn't that noticeable unless you are really looking for imperfections. I would also guess on a real life carousel that was transported from location to location you would see small imperfections - well that is how I look at it. Thirdly, I hate when I finish a Lego Build for they go to quick. LOL I'm 54 years, so playability isn't a factor; however, I would think the Carousel would have more playability than some of the other sets that I have built.